Can the clothes and footwear you wear affect your driving?
Can the clothes and footwear you wear affect your driving?

Can the clothes and footwear you wear affect your driving?

As a new driver, or a new car owner, one of the first to do things is to get insurance. Once that is done, we always try to avoid the thing that increases the cost of the renewal fee. One of the most common things is to get into a car accident.

Now, what if we tell you that this can be avoided by making some changes in the way you dress up while driving. Yes, you heard that right, the way you dress up can also affect your driving. It’s a very simple science, that is used here, mostly based on that apparel makes you feel, and the amount of comfort you have. Clothes can affect in multiple ways.

Wearing baggy jeans might affect your driving when y using peddles which are placed side by side, like accelerator and brakes or brakes and clutch. This because of the two legs of the jeans clashing against each other. Heels also are one of the major products which are suggested not to wear while driving, due to the height of heels the pressure applied by the toe increase, resulting in sudden braking or acceleration, this one the most dangerous in times of rush or emergency. The next in line is shoes with soles more than 10mm in height. These types of shoes or footwear result in applying more pressure on the peddles, as due to high soles, it is hard for the driver to judge the force applied on the peddles. Shoes with pointy ends should also be avoided. We also have Long skirts and blazers in clothing, these clothing just make it hard for the user to move comfortably and coordinate between their hand and legs, which plays a major role in driving.

Now, this clothing just doesn’t affect our driving but others also. Wearing flashy clothes and neon-colored clothes at night is also not suggested while driving cars, it does work for two-wheelers but not for cars. The reason being that cars already have a very bright light. The driver coming in from the opposite side will get bling for a split second as the lights fall onto our clothes and them shining. This can cause an accident. This should be mainly avoided while driving on curvy and zigzag roads.

Clothing can also change according to the seasons. Like in Summers always wear short, breathable, and light clothes, which dry faster and don’t make you sweat or make you feel hot. In Rains always prefer clothes that dry faster and don’t end up giving us rashes after getting wet. Winter is somewhere you always have more options, it is preferred to wear something that keeps you warm but at the same time doesn’t obstruct your hand and leg moments, considering winter clothes are usually thick in nature.

Keep this all-in mind when you go out for long trips after the Pandemic is over, till then stay safe and drive safe.

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