How does aerodynamics work on cars?
How does aerodynamics work on cars?

How does aerodynamics work on cars?

As the fuel prices hike, companies are trying to make aerodynamic centered cars. For the cars to be more fuel efficient and still give a better performance.

Aerodynamics is basically considered in designing a car so that it is more fuel efficient and has more speed due to less resistance to the body. This is done by firstly having a coefficient drag closer to 0.28. It is the drag force applied on the car body.

Now all of this for a car is that, when a car moves forward there is wind resistance that is applied, to reduce this resistance to zero, engine uses half of its power, leaving the other half for to move the car. By keeping the design of the car more aerodynamic, we ensure that there is least amount of resistance thus saving fuel and also giving us more power to drive the car. Thus, reducing the coefficient drag to 0.28 will help.

The most aerodynamic car is one which is low slung, tear drop shaped and completely smooth. It has to be as slippery as possible for the wind to flow over the surface with giving out the least amount of resistance. Well, this isn’t possible to its fullest, cause designers also have to work with cabin volume, ground clearances and even the cooling of an engine. The smoothness just doesn’t stop at the main body, it goes beyond. Even the side mirrors, windshield wipers and roof gutters and door handles play a very important role in the car being aerodynamic.

Sometimes even the engine compartments and placement done in it can affect your aerodynamic performance, as we need air to flow through the engine compartment, for its cooling, sometimes placing parts in a particular way would give a better aerodynamic approach to it, rather than the normal way. Now a days we also have wind shutter that open only when needed on a hot day, other are shut to reduce to wind going in, thus not hampering the aerodynamics of it

Even what below the can impact on the dynamics of the car, if extruding out more than needed or is too boxy and edges are not smooth, it can also hamper the dynamics and performance of the car.

Along with this, the automobile designers also have to looks for curbs, a too low in height car can always catch a curb. And a too high rear spoiler can affect the visibility. So, designers have to work in these confined setting and get out with the best possible design of the car.

Aerodynamics is not just about the fuel efficient, its also about getting a better handling experience, making the drive smoother and more silent inside the cabin, keeping the breakers cooler and also maintaining the heating and cooling systems in a car.

Thus, slipperier the car, better is its aerodynamics.

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