How to maintain the paint job done?
How to maintain the paint job done?

How to maintain the paint job done?

If you want to give everyone a neck pain because of a head turn, one of the best options is to drive by them, in a car which is sparkling and shiny. Its always a nice feeling if you have a car with a new paint job. A good-looking car always grab attention regardless of the color, model, design and type. The first thing we look in a car is a paint job, because sitting is in the car is enjoyed by only a few. And it is very easy to maintain and make a car look attractive, jus by following and executing certain steps.

First is to keep in mind to never keep your car in the open, because there are multiple disadvantages in terms of the paint getting harmed. Paint can get harmed by multiple factors, first is the sunlight, keeping the car in the sunlight for long harms the paint. It is because of the UV light, yes, UV light is not just harmful to our body, but also for the cars body. It oxidizes the paint and makes it fade out, which makes the car look old faster than when not in the sunlight. Next thing is the birds and there marks they leave every where on every car. Keeping your car outside gives the birds an empty palette to create an artwork, which we don’t wish to see. Its not just damaging your car, but also making it unsafe for us, as it can lead to bacterial growth as well. The bird dropping is very much cohesive, it does not feel that way to us, but for the color it is very much harmful in terms of making it look old and harmed.

Next thing to keep in mind is, if anything and everything is not looked after and on a regular basis and neglected quite often. It will have some diverse effect on the product. So always remember to look after your car and have regular washes. Now if you feel regular washes is not a big deal, think carefully.

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People always feel that using any soap or washing liquid will do, but that not true, you should always use the car washing liquid, as it contains ingredients that take care of your car paint and increase its life. Now things just don’t end at the washing part, there are thing we have to follow after. Never keep your car wet after washing, always make it dry, as water makes mineral deposits on the car which harm the paint and are corrosive. Keep in mind to be gentle with the wash, the best option is to go by hand, but if not possible, remember never use something with rough fiber for washing or wiping, always use soft cloth. Even at the car wash, always see with brush or cloths are used, see to it that they are not dirty, due to the earlier washes and are not harsh on your car paint. Also, avoid the wash done in the car wash, which uses high pressure water. Now remember, no number of washes is more. You can wash your car daily, just remember to be gentle. A approx. wash should be given once a week, now it does not end there, remember to wax your car after a wash, this can be one once every three weeks. You can also go for the synthetic coating or the pant sealment, whit go into the pores of the paint, and form a proper protective seal. Next thing to remember is to get you scratch repairs repaired then and there, checking and getting repaired regularly will always keep your car maintained and also will empty less of your pocket.

Now remember all of this is for a normal paint job, if you are looking for satin or matte finish in a car, if will be different as their paints are more delicate, as compared to the normal gloss paint, thus requiring a different type of treatment.

If you keep all if this in mind and take care of your car, you will for sure experience many head turns, when you take you ride out of you garage the next time. Get ready to rock your ride and have attention thrown you side

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