Small things which can improve your car performance.
Small things which can improve your car performance.

Small things which can improve your car performance.

When we buy a car, we always see to it that we get the best performance model in the financing we were possible to get. Now once we get that part out of the picture, the next thing is the performance and looks. So, looks is not a thing everyone goes for, but performance is a priority for everyone. Now we aren’t talking about just high mods, we also do some basic modifications which will increase the performance of your car, or at least take it to its fullest.

First suggestion that anyone would give is to remove all the unwanted mods you have put to make your car aesthetics better. It just adds in more weight to the body of your car. Thus, reducing the performance and increasing the fuel consumptions.


The next most important thing is your tires. We get tires in many types, the ones we get from the company are universal in nature, thus not allowing the car to perform to its fullest due to restrictions put up by the car. Always go for medium or hard compound tyres. It all finally comes to the point of how you get the power down on the road. The rims on the tires transfer the power to tarmac. We have tyres for all road types, so just know what you need on the roads you drive on. And prefer medium and hard compound tyres.


What if we tell you that even brakes can play an important role? Well, there is to brakes then just what we see. Let’s break it down, breaks consist of pads, rotors and lines. Modifying even one of these can bring a major change on the braking performance, allowing you to be more confident on the role. This can just be done by having bigger brakes and braided brake lines.


There is a saying in the automotive community, “Better the car breaths, better is the car’s performance”

The air enters the engine from the air filter, a normal stock air filter doesn’t allow the air to enter, thus buying a new and better filter is always a better choice, it brings difference in a close ECU (Engine Control Unit). This brings us to the next improvement. Getting an ECU tuned or buying a pre tuned will improve your fuel economy and also your performance, second actually being the first preference. If you are putting up a new Air filter, it is always preferred to have you ECU tuned. You can also use a Piggyback ECU to not hamper the manufacturer’s warranty. It is plugged in the OBD port of the car to fool the main ECU and false signals to the sensors, urging the ECU to adjust according to those false signals and thus giving you a better performance.


Next thing to have is a Free Flow Exhaust, normal exhaust has a lot of part through which the gas has to pass, which reduces the pollution caused, well for performance its preferred to switch from stock to aftermarket exhaust, but this can also result in more pollution caused by the car.


Though cars have sold chassis, it still has a slight flex while driving corners in high speeds, thus reducing the drivability of the car. To overcome this, we have to do bracing. Well bracing is just putting in extra members just like we brace out teeth to keep them at place and fixed.


Car performance also depends on what comfort the driver has inside while driving, one of the major roles played here is by the suspensions. Having finer suspension will result in better driving experience. A controlled body roll led to better control and also inspires more confidence when taking fast corners.


With the upgraded suspension we are halfway into reducing the body roll and weight transfer. Next comes the better and improved sway bars. For you to know, it is a large handle bar shaped bar that is connected across the front and the rear wheels. The sway bar control whether the car will understeer or oversteer. But generally speaking, an FWD car will tend to understeer and to reduce that a stiffer sway bar is the way to go. Similarly, a stiffer sway bar at the rear will reduce oversteer in an RWD.

The next part to keep in mind, is keeping your engine healthy by having regular checkups and oils changes and even using high quality fuel, fuel that is high in octane. Other than it also depends on how your drive your car and how often you have a checkup of your car. And yes, you are ready to go and enjoy the experience of your car performing to its fullest.

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