Things to remember for Night Driving
Things to remember for Night Driving

Things to remember for Night Driving

If your new to driving, and have no driving at night, these are some points to keep in mind before going for a night drive or night trip. Night driving isn’t the same as day driving. It needs s different set of skill set that have to used.

Firstly, night driving needs more alertness than day driving. Now this has multiple reasons, firstly lack of sunlight, which makes it more dangerous as the distance of our vision reduces. Second being, our body has a habit to rest at night, thus we can get sleepy and thus we need to be more alert. Also, the movement of animals is more at night than the day time, thus continuously been on a watch for animals is also a must, otherwise we can end up in an accident.

Now keeping that aside, the next thing we need to keep in mind is to always drive defensive, it doesn’t matter who or how many overtake you, but also remember not to be at a very low speed, which can also be dangerous, as the cars coming from behind with higher speed won’t be able to control that easily due to lack of vision and more speed. Remember to have low speed and also more distance from other vehicles. It should be a combination of both. Also stay far from large cargo trucks.

Always check on tire pressure and fuel, before starting your journey, because finding help at night will be harder and also not safe, especially if your travelling with your whole family.

Always slow down on curves, as our vision is less as compared to daytime. We may not be able to judge how steep or close the curve is. Also, at night time the lines on the street shine, which makes it harder to read the signages. Thus, always be on the safer side.

Be aware of the driver fatigue. You get more tired at nighttime than daytime. So, take proper rest, before starting, and if you feel tired, take a hault and start again, don’t get overconfident and continue driving. Alo staying hydrated helps us to get less tired.

Be aware of the high beam drivers, and slow down if you encounter any. Also, sometimes, some cars may have a single light working, so be aware and alert for such cars. This works both ways, we should also be considerate from our side and make use of low beam lights. Also use adequate lighting, if you have an old car, consider changing lights from halogens to LEDs. You can also consider using an Antiglare IRVM film to get rid of the high beam lights coming from the back on the rear mirror.

Next thing you should do is, cleaning your wind shield before starting, and cleaning it after intervals if needed. This will reduce the scattering of light, allowing more clarity to the driver.

And the last but not the least. Do not drink and drive, this puts you and people around you at risk. Also know your limits while driving, don’t push yourself beyond that, cause it is nothing heroic, its just you putting yourself and others around you at risk.

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