What is a Turbo Charged Engine?
What is a Turbo Charged Engine?

What is a Turbo Charged Engine?

A turbo charger is a turbine and air compressor together, which is used to harness the exhaust gases emitted from the engine as a waste. It draws in air, compresses it and then feeds the pressurized air into your engine’s intake manifold. This dense, pressurized air then forcefully enters the combustion chamber when the piston makes a downward stroke. With more oxygen entering your engine at a quicker rate, you can burn more fuel. And when you burn more fuel, you make more power. After the combustion cycle has completed, the hot waste gas exits the combustion chamber through an exhaust outlet. As the waste gas exits, it passes through the turbocharger and spins a compressor wheel. As the compressor wheel spins, it draws in cool atmospheric air from the opposite side of the turbo, starting the process over again.

What are its Benefits?


Turbo produces more power in the same sized engine, because it produces more power than the normal aspirated engines.


It is obvious that if the engine produces more power in the same sized engine, will be economic and compared to a car with normal engine.

Quiet Engines

As more pipes are used to compress and filter the air, the engine becomes quitter, and the air coming out also doesn’t make much noise.


Even on small scale, these engines can beat the normal larger sized engines as they produce more torque and lower down rev range.

The down side is mainly the costing of their repairs. But people can also face a turbo lag, that is a delayed response of the engine as there isn’t enough air to process for the engine.

You may also face efficient issue, if you don’t have a proper throttle control over you car.

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